Spine Center Frisco - Dr. Paul Salinas Paralyzed / Disabled Me For Life! Frisco Spine Frisco, TX

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Dr. Paul Salinas misdiagnosed my case and elected an aggressive surgery when a radiology report stated surgery wasn't necessary at this time. I was alone in the hospital on strong medication and given only one option, "Surgery". Had I not been on medication I would have been in sound mind to seek other means of treatment that were less evasive than the "only" option Dr. Paul Salinas provided. Both of my legs were working normal before the surgery. I woke up after surgery with my right leg completely paralyzed. Dr. Paul Salinas cut & damaged a nerve in my right leg leaving me paralyzed & damaged from ever being repaired. Dr. Paul Salinas told me that it would take 2 years for my nerves to repair. Today I only gained back 40% use of my right leg thanks to Dr. Paul Salinas. I have lost over 60% use of my right leg.

I went to another surgeon to try to repair the damage Dr. Paul Salinas caused during his surgery. The new doctor ran extensive test before making the decision to cut. With a good game plan the new doctor planned a strategic approach to remove the crumbing product and replace it with new FDA approved product. I was notified Dr. Paul Salinas used non FDA approved product in my back which had to be removed 10 months later by another neurosurgeon that found the non FDA approved product in my back "crumbling". Dr. Salinas used an old method to do a 360 fusion approach stated by the neurosurgeon that completely removed the materials Dr. Paul Salinas placed in my back. Dr. Paul Salinas used an Infuse product by Medtronix which has now a class action lawsuit for being a bad product. My doctor found mixed matched parts not approved by the FDA, some being Medtronics and some parts that were not meant to be used with the Infuse that were non FDA approved in my back which was the reason the fusion was crumbling. By using products that were not FDA approved to be used together is the reason why my fusion did not take & was crumbling.

I have seen numerous specialists and again insurance has spent over 2 million in hopes to improve my quality of life. I live in pain daily from both physical & mental thanks to the damage Dr. Paul Salinas, MD of Frisco Spine in Frisco, TX.

Dr. Paul Salinas has shown no mercy or compassion. He is the most inhumane doctor I have ever met.

See this website for current lawsuits/litigation on Infuse & Medtronic:





Just Google Infuse Medtronic Lawsuits and see the horror stories behind this product.

SPECIAL NOTICE >>> Dr. Paul Salinas testified in court yesterday that he still uses the Infuse Medtronic product in patients.

Dr. Paul Salinas took me to court, suing me for non payment. He claimed $19,100 for his surgery that left me paralyzed for the rest of my life. I wasn't going to pay for services that destroyed my life. My current insurance company has paid out over 2 million dollars to try to correct the physical damage Dr. Paul Salinas caused to my body. I was deemed permanently disabled on 12-31-2012.

Dr. Paul Salinas has destroyed the quality of my life forever. I can no longer enjoy the activities of sports and basic life due to the nerve damage caused by Dr. Paul Salinas of Frisco Spine in Frisco, TX

The statements in this report are true and correct to my direct knowledge.



Been going to the clinic in Rockwall and my husband can barley, walk and they takes weeks to get anything done, meanwhile when u call they act like they have no idea on what they are to doing been waiting on test forever, meanwhile he can barley walk and in massive pain very disappointed with this office

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Why are doctors allowed to get away with this? This is horrible.

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This is happening in many please. TMB does nog protect the people from dangerous doctors.

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